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What Happens To Your Body After a Year of a Vegan Diet

When you go vegan, a question that may come to mind is what health benefits and changes you can expect by so.

Here at  Zabb Thai Cuisine we have an extensive vegan menu and wanted to answer this question for anyone who is thinking about giving a vegan diet a try. We pride ourselves in serving some of the best vegan food in Orange County. To answer some of the most basic questions we had a discussion with a reputed nutritionist associated with King’s College of London. According to the expert, you can expect various health benefits by going vegan. However, there is a word of caution too. It is necessary to keep in mind a few key nutrients to avoid harmful deficiencies and side effects. After the discussion, we have made a quick to read list of the positives that you can expect from turning vegan and what you need to be careful of, especially in the first year of changing your diet from meat based to plant based.


Expectations during the first month 

As you go vegan, during the initial few weeks you will feel a noticeable boost in energy. As you come out of eating animal products, you replace that with plant-based foods, and that does the magic. Because you will be eating a higher volume of plant based foods that are high in vitamins, minerals, and fiber you will notice an immediate boost in energy. The intake of such nutrients will help the body to function at its best, become more well-organized, and make it possible to have enhanced energy.It will also help to have proper bowel function; this is due to the increased intake of fiber which helps in effective digestion and avoids uncomfortable constipation. During the initial weeks, you may feel the presence of increased gas as the body adjusts to the additional intake of fiber. So, it is wise to start slow and slowly adapt the body to plant-based food.

What to expect during 3 to 6 months

After about 3 – 6 weeks you will experience clearer skin, a reduction of acne, and a healthy glow. However, you may head towards a deficiency of vitamin D if you do not have adequate sun exposure. Vitamin D is essential for strong bones, reduced depression, and helping to reduce the risk of cancer. The expert advised us that it is important to have exposure to direct sunlight for 10 to 15 minutes during the day. If you are sensitive to sunlight or live in a cloudier climate, you should include cereals and plant milk in your diet regime that have vitamin D.

Expectations at the end of a year 

If you continue to follow a plant based diet for a full year and restrict your salt intake, you can expect a reduction in the risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. The plant-based food does not have cholesterol and saturated fat and this is what leads to the reduction in the risks mentioned above. However, you need to keep an eye on vitamin B12, as this is generally present in animal products. If you feel out of breath, exhausted, experience diminished memory, or have an itchy sensation in the extremities, you may be experience a vitamin B12 deficiency and should consult with a doctor and also begin taking vitamin B12 supplements.

So now that you know what to can expect from a vegan diet, why not make this your New Year’s resolution? We at Zabb Thai Cuisine will be by your side and help to enjoy the best vegan food in Orange County.

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