The Best Thai Food Orange County Has To Offer

If you are looking for the best Thai food Orange County has to offer, look no further than Zabb Thai Cuisine. We create an elevated Thai experience that stays true to its roots of traditional ingredients and bold matter if you love Po Tak or Sarong Shrimp, you can find it in the Zabb Thai Cuisine.

Here are some of the best Thai food in Orange County to enjoy:

Ceviche with Yellowtail

This dish features chunks of fresh Yellowtail with a mix of red onion and mango. Served alongside fluffy shrimp crackers, it offers the perfect placement for each scoop of ceviche. The flavors are a balanced blend of citrus, with the lightest whisper of chili oil and saltiness. All of the marinades, broths, and sauces for this dish are just created to perfection.

Tom Yum Koong Soup

Tom Yum Koong is an authentic, irresistible sweet and sour soup with large chunks of shrimp. The broth of this soup is very flavorful, and this might be due to the addition of unique ingredients like Kaffir Lime Leaves, that are rarely found in other soups.


Fried Thai Chicken Wings

Also known as Gia Todd Hat Yai, the crispy, fried Thai wings are served with fried shallots, sticky rice, and a secret dipping sauce. This dish is inspired by the popular fried chicken in South Thailand’s Hatyai city in Songkhla Province. It’s named after the city where it originated. You will get the perfectly crisp Thai fried chicken at the Zabb Thai Cuisine, which is exactly why this restaurant has the best Thai food Orange County has to offer.

The Popular Khao Soi

This fragrant curry dish originates from Northern Thailand. It features a rich, creamy coconut broth with having mild spice taste. It’s served with soft egg noodles and a braised chicken leg.

Popular restaurants also add subtle ingredients which really bring this dish to life, such as the pickled mustard greens, which add a well-balanced hint of vinegar to each bite. The Khao Soi at Zabb Thai Cuisine is one of those unique, mouth-watering dishes you will always return for.

Mango Sticky Rice

If you are looking for something for dessert, this is the best option. Chefs use champagne mangos in this dish which have a buttery and smooth texture and are not stingy like red mangos. Colorful butterfly pea is added to the sticky rice to give it a natural blue hue, and sweet coconut milk is drizzled over the top.

Pad Thai Noodles with Chicken

Zabb Thai Cuisine is a popular restaurant in Newport Beach serving well-known traditional Thai dishes. Their menu features classic Thai favorites and several new dishes that explore modern Thai cuisine. We offer exotic Thai dishes with a unique blend of the five tastes – sweet, sour, salty, spicy, and bitter. So, place an order of your favorite Thai cuisine online with us! 

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