The Beginners’ Guide To Thai Food

If you love thai food and have spent any time in Orange County, then you know that one of the best Thai restaurants in Orange County is Zabb Thai Cuisine. At Zabb Thai Cuisine, they take the time to ensure that every dish served is of the best taste and quality. And if you have ever eaten Thai food then you may think that a beginners guide to Thai food might be a little rudimentary. But you may be surprised that you still have some things to learn when it comes to Thai food an this guide may be beneficial to even the most seasoned Thai food connoisseur.

What You Need To Order and How To Do It

If you are at our restaurant, the waiter will ask if you want your food to be mild, medium, or spicy. The mild one will not have any chilies while the spicy one will have a lot. So, if you are a beginner, it is wise to start with a medium spice level.

There are four elements in Thai food:

1 – Wet: These include curries and soup,

2 – Dry: These include dishes that are dry-fried and do not come with a lot of sauce.

3 – Spice: Any Thai dish can be as spicy or as mild as you like. Just make sure you let your waiter know what level of spice you would like.

3 – Yum: These are light and fresh like salads.

If you are dining at a Thai restaurant for the first time it would be wise to order foods that fall within each of these four categories. You will be full and also will have experience everything Thai food has to offer.

You can order, one Thai curry, a soup, a stir-fry, and a salad. You can also order rice along with soups and curries. At times you may also order “over rice” or stir-fried with rice.

You can also enjoy Thai fish sauce; shrimp paste or dried fish and squid. These can be a bit tricky if you are trying for the first time. Moreover, if you are vegan you need to avoid these. If you are vegan, you can order Pad Thai as that does not generally contain all these. Just make sure you let your waiter know that you are vegan or vegetarian and they will make sure the dish is cooked to your specifications.

How to eat Thai food

As in Thai food, everything comes pre-cut, it is possible to eat it using an Asian-style soup spoon or chopsticks. If you are not comfortable using chopsticks, you can use a western spoon and fork.

The Thai soup to enjoy 

Thai soups are generally part of the main dish and not a starter. The soups are filling enough on their own. If you have a big appetite and you can order your soup with a side of rice. The soups will contain sticks and leaves and you are not to eat those, these are only to add flavor to the broth. The two primary Thai soups you can enjoy are Tom Ka and Tom Yam. Khao Soi is another variety that you can try.


Fried noodles 

There is a wide variety of noodles that you can enjoy. You need to order according to your taste. Our waiter will gladly explain what you can expect in any noodle dish and how it will taste.

Pad Thai

Pad Thai is a delicious Thai dish that you can enjoy, even if you are a vegan. This is a classic thai dish and if you have never eaten Thai food before, we highly recommend you order this as your noodle dish.


You also need to taste the Thai curries which are based on coconut milk. The color of the curry is due to the use of curry paste.

These are a few of the Thai cuisines that you can enjoy in our restaurant. Be sure to visit our restaurant soon to enjoy the best of Thai food in Orange County.

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