Menu Section: Cocktails

Zabb Thai offers authentic Thai cuisine in a casual dining setting. Our menu features a full range of authentic dishes with your choice of seafood, poultry, beef, pork and vegan options. Visit us today at 4001 West Coast Hwy Newport Beach, CA 92663. We are located right off of PCH, across from Hoag Hospital.

Newport Sunset

Newport Sunset $12.00 Jim Beam Bourbon, Midori fresh peach puree, pineapple juice and pomegranate juice.

Zabb Thai Coffee

Zabb Thai Coffee $12.00 Our own special “Thai” blend of teas with Jacques Bonet brandy and Kailua

Magnificent “Different” Margaritas

Magnificent "Different" Margaritas $12.00 The classic blend of fresh lemon, lime Sauza Tequila, DeKuyper triple sec, delightfully refreshing with strawberry, peach, banana, raspberry, mango or “island” style with DeKuyper Blue Curacao

Creamy Pina Coladas

Creamy Pina Coladas $12.00 tropical pineapple juice blended with Caribbean cream of Coconut and delicious Ron Antigua gold rum makes perfect Pina Colada. Delightfully different? Try with strawberry, peach, raspberry or mango

Delicious Daiquiris

Delicious Daiquiris $12.00 Your favorite fruit blend smooth with Ron Antigua Gold rum. Flavors are strawberry, banana, raspberry or mango.

Thai Champagne Cocktail

Thai Champagne Cocktail $12.00 Frexient Brut Jacques Bonet Brandy served with Strawberries with hint of Angostura bitters

“Angry” Dragon

"Angry" Dragon $12.00 Our secret blend of Absolute Vodka, DeKuyper orange Curacao & fruit juices. Floating with Hana Bay 151

Mango Burst

Mango Burst $12.00 Bursting with Absolut Vodka, Ron Antigua Gold Rum, Jacques Bonet Brandy and Mangos Floating with DeKuyper Cherry Brandy.

Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise $12.00 Ron Antigua gold rum and Lahaina dark rum with fruit and citrus flavors to make this tangy spirited cocktail floating with DeKuyper Apricot brandy. Do you like it blended frozen or on the rocks?

Zabb Thai Cocktail

Zabb Thai Cocktail $12.00 The spirit of the nation, Prosecco blended with strawberry with Cruzan Coconut rum

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